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The Study

The children’s study was designed for 3 sisters and their brother. Each child has their own workstation and color designated just for them. The color palette is pink, green, purple, and yellow. The playful stripe fabric was the inspiration fabric.

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The "Fairy Princess" Bedroom

All bedding was custom selected and pulled together for this fairy princess’ bedroom! Vertical stripes were painted along with 3 fairies which have crystals added to their wands and glitter swirls to add an unexpected element to an otherwise flat canvas.

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The "Flower Power" Bedroom

This young girl can easily “grow up” in this room with sophisticated crystal beaded lamps and painted flowers with mirrored centers for whimsy. All fabric for the bedding was custom selected for just the right amount of retro and softness! The bathroom follows suit with a matching theme and custom shower curtain.

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Boy's Room

The fire truck and dalamation murals set the tone for this boy’s bedroom. The dog has on the fireman’s hat with the baby’s name and birthdate.

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Jungle Nursery

Take a walk on the wild side with this jungle nursery. The custom bedding and window treatment add to the theme without overpowering the space. The angle at which the crib is placed adds interest to an otherwise square space.